Salesbury - St Peter




Child Action North West

Founders Day Christmas Concert


People gathering for the concert - the Blackburn Peoples Choir are in the background preparing to perform


Jeff Borrodaile the leader conducting!



"All in favour of Andrew for Archbishop?" 

No, not really! - the Choir ensuring audience participation



Me with dignitaries after the event


(All pictures courtesy of Mike Johnson [])



The Reverend Canon John Hartley's last service before retirement

John's family


John's clergy friends


Church Warden Keith Sowerbutts thanks John for his service to the parish


John thanks the parish


The congregation thank John


The Lord Bishop of Blackburn blesses the congregation



The Bible Trees


Bible Trees 1


Bible Trees 2


Bible Trees 3


Bible Trees 4




Easter Vigil and Bible Reading











Pictures by Philip Bradshaw




General Pictures



Lych Gate


A snow covered St Peters

Taken by Phil Webb 

 St. Peters at night

Taken by Phil Webb 






St Peters Organ












Pictures by Philip Bradshaw



Remembrance Sunday 2010


 Vicar and Curate reading out the war dead


A Warden laying the wreath    


The wreath

                                  Pictures by Philip Bradshaw