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 Notes from Salesbury School

It is hard to believe that we have completed our first half-term already but it has been a great start to the year. The children have really come back to school with enthusiasm and determination and are certainly enjoying our new curriculum.  Children are enjoying many new leadership roles across the school taking pride in their leading and learning including playleading, outdoor buddies, reading buddies, lunchtime helpers, sports leaders and Worship Group – to name just a few.  It is wonderful seeing so many of older children supporting the younger pupils creating a warm, caring family environment.

Our new Worship Group have really explored our Christian Value for the half-term of Friendship and have set up value stations around school to promote values into action.  These have included playing with someone new, making friendship bracelets and friendship spotting.  We have explored what we know about Jesus as a friend to all and considered what that means for us today. 

To support and extend children’s learning our Time Travellers theme, pupils have been visiting Manchester viewing galleries and museums, we have also had a Victorian Workshop and Tin Soldier Workshop too.  These hands-on experiences have really enhanced our historical focus and certainly supported their skills and understanding.

Helping children keep safe has also been a firm part of our teaching and learning.  Infant children have been out and about learning to keep safe on the road, all the children have been extending their knowledge of Online Safety, and Year 6 have been to Longridge to be part of the Safety Town Initiative learning about many aspects of personal safety as they gain further independence.

Our children are really extending their thinking and questioning skills as we have introduced Philosophy for Children into our learning.  This is really helping children extend their ideas, articulate their thoughts and opinions leading in to some wonderful, considered writing.  Some of their contributions have been astounding!

The lovely autumn weather has meant we could take advantage of our beautiful grounds and setting including our newly developed play areas.  Children have been enjoying sports activities, musical activities and literacy outdoors.

 It has been lovely to meet lots of prospective parents and their children during our Open Day and at other times too.  Choosing a school for your child is such an important decision and we feel privileged that we are considered as a choice in trusting your child with us for this very important and exciting part of your child’s learning journey.  We hope that, with us, children will really gain a hunger and love for learning.

We have welcomed several new families who have moved into the area and we look forward to long and happy associations with them.  But it is not just children who have moved into Salesbury School, we have also adopted two beautiful rabbits and fish!

Clare Berryman


Back to School!  It is lovely to see our children looking very smart and bright-eyed ready for the new school year.  A new year brings lots of changes and things to look forward to.  We have new classes, new class names, new children and new teachers too. 

Our first day was definitely one to remember as it coincided with the Tour of Britain.  The children were so excited to see the cyclists that they had heard so much about, in action.  Admiring their effort, determination and commitment the children thought about how many of these attributes were needed for their own learning back in school.  A great day and it was lovely to join so many of the parish and community too.

The children have all started the year by thinking about what they need to do to be the best they can be.  We have talked about the importance of having a growth mindset, being determined to learn and improve, putting in the extra effort and keeping going when things get tricky.

History is very much in the air at Salesbury.  The children have all started creative topics learning about and from the past.  Lots of exciting learning going on which will help children appreciate our world today.

This term, we are thinking about friendship and the qualities a good friend displays.  Being a good friend demands so many qualities that it has given us much to think about.  The children have made a lovely Friendship Quilt which every child has contributed to.

Here is our Recipe for Friendship:-

        Description: MCj01163360000[1]     

A  Recipe  for  Friendship

You will need:

  • a pinch of happiness

  • 1 handful of kindness

  • 2 spoonfuls of gentleness

  • 1 litre of sharing

  • a teaspoonful of helpfulness

  • 3 heaped tablespoons of laughter

  • 50g of smiles

  • a sprinkling of cheerfulness

  • 100g of love



  • Mix all these together. Then you will have the perfect friend.

Clare Berryman


I am usually writing the article for the parish magazine amidst a hive of activity but today it is so quiet as the school is closed for the summer. Apart from Mrs Reeve, who has bundled into school with most of the stock from Ikea, there is very little other noise in the building. This has given me time to reflect on a very busy school year and to make many plans for the next one.

In September, we will welcome many new faces into school, new children and new staff but we will certainly miss some very familiar faces from staff moving on and our year 6 children. I am sure they are full of emotion as they countdown to their next adventure, and enjoying that special time of buying new uniform and stationery. They have been a wonderful cohort, full of character and personality yet their noticeable independence and progress means we are happy that they are ready for the new challenges that lie ahead. We wish them every success for the future.

A few of our families are also moving out of the area over the Summer, to other parts of the UK and the world. Again, we wish them well and look forward to hearing how they are settling into their new homes, schools and communities.

Our last half-term seemed to be jam packed of exciting activities with Science Fairs, Teddy Bears Picnics, Talent Shows, Sports Days, Den-building, Music Concerts, Prizegivings, services and celebrations. I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Salesbury for their tremendous efforts, creativity and generosity in making our school a great place to learn. I hope they are now putting their feet up and enjoying a well-earned rest.

September is fast approaching and we look forward to a new curriculum which is full of exciting, engaging learning opportunities. I am sure all our children will embrace their new challenges.

A sincere and warm welcome to all our new children and parents, I am sure you will soon feel part of our school family.

Clare Berryman, Headteacher

The school year is flying by and it feels incredible that we are planning all the events that take place at the end of the school year.

As I write this article, our year 6 children are enjoying a wonderful residential PGL visit participating in some outdoor and adventurous activities and learning a lot more about each other during the process.  It has been great to hear of their adventures and see some great action photography.

Children across the school have enjoyed some fantastic sporting experiences of all shapes and sizes.  We have been proud to see so many of our children representing the school in a vast array of sports.  They have practised hard and given up lots of time so it has been great to see them reap many awards.  This has included our football team winning in the finals at Wembley; a truly magical experience not to be forgotten.

This term, we are having a strong focus on developing our skills in science.  Children had a visit from Professor Sciencestein who inspired the children to put their scientific skills into action.  It is great to see our children’s natural curiosity ignited by rich, scientific investigations.

It has been lovely to meet our new families during our induction evening, it is such a privilege to be trusted with our young children and building relationships with our families is such an important step.  I am sure they will soon feel part of the school family as they share in the pre-school lunches, pre-school welcome sessions, home visits and Teddy Bears Picnic.

This half-term, we are developing our understanding of the Christian Value ‘Peace.’  We are exploring the different interpretations of peace including finding inner peace, peace between each other in school, peace in the community - respecting differences, listening and talking with those who hold opposite views to you; peace in the world and peace with God.  Children have drawn some reflective pictures and written some poems and prayers to develop their thoughts.

Clare Berryman

Head Teacher

March 2015

Last week, fifty of our pupils enjoyed a very full day in London.  After an early start, we arrived in London to enjoy an afternoon at the British Museum where children had a great hands-on investigative session exploring various specimens from fossils to animals to teeth!  They worked as scientists to ask questions and answer questions.  This was followed by a visit to the dinosaur exhibition where we were reminded of the features of these incredible beasts.  The children certainly enjoyed their three course meal at Pizza Express and the day was topped off by a visit to the theatre to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  A fantastic day, orchestrated by Mr Kellington, was enjoyed with some very sleepy children (and staff) heading home!

On the same day, another group of children went to Deepdale Stadium for World Book Day to celebrate reading with about five thousand other school children to meet famous authors and illustrators.  They have come back with a bundle of enthusiasm and a bundle of books – both should make valuable additions to our school library!

The children in nursery and foundation have had a lovely week celebrating Chinese New Year involving mask-making, Chinese dragons, Chinese writing, Chinese stories and a party too.  I know they have had a great time and learned lots too!


Our Key Stage 1 children have thoroughly enjoyed their topic of castles inspired by their visit to Skipton.  They have created some fabulous models, role play areas and art work leading to some great writing.


Classes 6 and 7 are preparing for their performance at the Sing Together Concert at the King George’s Hall, they have been practising for months and sound amazing so I am sure it will be a great event.

Miss Smith also organised history workshops for the Nursery and Key Stage Two this week where they have dressed up and had lots of hands on learning using artefacts to enhance their understanding of how life used to be.

My head is filled with catchy tunes at the moment following last night’s performance at King George’s Hall.  Class 6 and Class 7 represented the school beautifully alongside other schools within Blackburn Diocese as part of the huge Sing Together Project.

We will soon be having a special day focusing on developing an understanding of our lives in a multi-cultural society.  Through stories, poems, raps, dramas and debates we hope our children will develop a greater understanding their positive contribution can make to the community in which they live.


This half-term, we have been focusing on the Christian value of ‘thankfulness.’  Children have been thinking about how much we have to be thankful for and that sometimes we have to take a little pause and notice all the wonderful things around us and count our blessings!  


Clare Berryman, Headteacher


February 2015

Writing on the last day of the half-term we are able to reflect on a lovely time in school which has been full of industry, activity and snow!

This month has been a very successful one for sport in the school.  We are extremely proud to have a football team which has led the school to become county finalists leading to a place in the Northern region finals.  Our year 3 and year 4 gymnastic team achieved both first and second places in the Ribble Valley Competition.

We had a lovely time building snowmen and colour mixing in the snow, we certainly had lots of rosy cheeks and I think the children were quite disappointed to see it go.

We have had a fantastic Storytelling Week led by Mr Kellington and Mrs Smallshaw which involved a really creative launch full of stories, books and words.  We were joined by John Kirk, storyteller who inspired our children to get creative with words, poetry, reading and writing. Wee Willie Winkie came to meet the nursery and infant children in the evening, we all wore our pyjamas, had bedtime stories followed by warm milk and cookies – lovely!

The week progressed with many different activities exploring traditional tales, riddles and rhymes, stories from other cultures finishing the week with the works of Roald Dahl where children dressed as their favourite character.

We have had a day to reinforce the messages of Internet Safety enabling our children to make safe and sound choices.

Zac in Year 6 has astounded the children (and staff) this week, he has managed to create a piece of technology which solves and completes the Rubik’s Cube!  Really amazing to see.

We were delighted to take part in the Education Sunday Service last week, and thrilled that so many of you took time out of your busy day to come back to school to share in refreshments with children and staff – thank you!

This half-term, we have really explored the Christian value of ‘Compassion’ we have encouraged our children to use the teachings of Jesus to enable compassion in action within their daily alives. To help our children remember what this means, we have used an acrostic:-

C – Caring for others

O – Offering Help

M - Making a difference

P – Putting others first

A – Always listening

S – Service in action

S – Sensitive to others

 I – Interested in others

O – Offering care and concern

N – Noticing a need

Some of the children have made ‘Cushions of Compassion’ at home and there are really wonderful examples for us to display in our school entrance. So, a very varied half-term and I think everybody is ready for a little break before coming back refreshed and revived for the remainder of the spring term.


Clare Berryman, Head Teacher




On Sunday 29th April 2012 at 9:00a.m in Longford Park, Stretford, the Greater Manchester Marathon will begin!

Up to eight thousand runners will compete against each other, the roads and themselves as they attempt the 26 miles and 385 yards to the finish line.

Five Salesbury School parents will be amongst those thousands of runners and they will be doing it for FOSS!

 Jason Rawson, Cheryl Mason, Elisha Ecclestone, Paula Birch and Julie Brady are the amazing five who are putting their best foot forward – repeatedly!, for the school and its fundraising attempts towards the sports perimeter fencing.

Is the staff taking this lying down?

No! Mrs Pearson (of school office fame) is also lending her support and energy to the idea.

There are currently just over 7 thousand runners signed up for the Greater Manchester Marathon, so there are still places available if anyone would like to join their sweat, tears and trainers to our appeal!

It would be fabulous if you could show your continued support for the school by sponsoring/ giving donation to these runners who will be making such a tremendous effort on our behalf.

We are currently waiting for the completion of a “Just Giving” site but until then or for those without internet access, the school office will most gratefully accept cash or cheque donations!

                   Many, many thanks to both runners and givers!!!!!



News from the School

November 2012

 Here we are back at school already – how time flies it only seems two minutes since I was writing my last contribution to the magazine. I hope everyone has had a lovely summer (perhaps not with the weather!), I certainly enjoyed my break. 

All our new children are now settled into school and we have already had class assemblies from them. What a mixture of shy and outgoing children we have, it is so wonderful seeing all their characters coming out and blossoming. It always make me realise how lucky and privileged I am to work in a school. If I get fed up with all the paperwork (and believe me all Governments and Local Authorities send out so much paperwork you could drown under it) I only need to wander through school and see all the happy faces and talk to the children about what they are learning to feel refreshed and positive.

We have had a very exciting start to the year with a travelling theatre company, who came in and performed The Railway Children, followed by a workshop for our Year Six pupils. It is the second time we have had this company in and they were fantastic, the children were talking about the production for a long time afterwards.

Year Two children have already had Road Safety and Year One are about to start their Road Safety training. Information has gone out about pantomimes for the Christmas period and Classes 8A and 8B are talking about our yearly London trip.

School used Church to have our Harvest Festival, thank-you to Keith Sowerbutts for opening Church and making sure everything was ready for us. Class 8B led our service this year making words from the word “Harvest” (e.g. “share” – although at one point we accidently had “shave”!) you would be surprised how many important ideas and themes they came up with.

We are delighted to learn of the appointment of the Reverend Martin Duerden as the new Vicar of St. Peter's. We have missed having a regular presence in school from the Vicar, following Canon Hartley's retirement, and are looking forward to continuing and developing the close links between School and Church.  

Pauline Mallaby



March 2012

This month, in response to requests, I am including one of the pieces of writing that was read out at Education Sunday. I would like to thank you all for the warm welcome we received on that Sunday and hope that you enjoyed listening to the Year Two children trying to tell us what “learning” is and also to the contributions made by the older boys on what they imagine the Kingdom of God to be.

My Perfect Kingdom

My perfect kingdom is where the flowers grow and never die, where God holds the world in his right hand and where my friends and family who have passed on will be.

My perfect kingdom is where I believe in Jesus and my soul is kept and where I have eternal life.

My perfect kingdom is where the golden gate is and where the keeper of the keys stands smiling and slotting the keys in the lock.

My perfect kingdom is where Jesus and God are leading the way showing what my kingdom is like: a mustard seed, they say, small but mighty.

My perfect kingdom is perfect and just me – unique.

 Zak Tayler


I have promised Mr. Sowerbutts that we will forward all the other readings for inclusion in later magazines, so please do look out for them. Additionally in school the Year Six children have always written the prayers for our Friday worship and celebration assembly, we have just extended this so that all children can write a prayer, which can be read out at morning worship. One child was sent to me with his prayer as the teacher thought it was lovely so I am including that too.

Heavenly Father hear our prayer,

Day and night we’re in your care.

Look upon us from above,

Bless the home we dearly love.

Bless all those with whom we play.

Make us better everyday.

Saul Fielden


P. A. Mallaby






News from the School

February 2012

If you are a parent in school you will know that on top of our newsletters we always include the title of Worship for the forthcoming term. This term we will be looking at praying and The Lord’s Prayer – I thought you might be interested in learning what we will do in worship with the children.

When we return after the Christmas Holiday it of course Epiphany and we talk about the journey of the Wise Men and the gifts they brought for Jesus. Gold is usually fairly straightforward and we talk about the symbolism of love; myrrh and frankincense can be more complicated for younger children but we talk about the smell of the burning incense lifting your prayers to Heaven and the healing powers of the myrrh, both of them to bring joy and peace.

This week we have talked about hands: hands may be worn and rough through hard work; through old age, or by suffering such as arthritis; they must be kept clean because we touch food and can spread infections; hands must be “kind” so that we don’t hurt one another – in the Bible “clean hands” signify “good behaviour”. This has been followed up with stories about a woman who burned her hands when saving her baby in a house fire, the praying hands painted by Albrecht Durer whose brother sacrificed his own art career for Albert and of course Jesus whose hands were scarred by the nails when he sacrificed himself for us.

These all lead us into The Lord’s Prayer and the story of Peter asking Jesus how we should pray –

“Pray like this …” Jesus thought for a moment, then the words came out like jewels, each settlingin just the right place to make a prayer as bright as a necklace.

“Father, help us to honour your name. Come and set up your Kingdom. Give us each day the food we need. Forgive us our sins as we forgive everyone who has done wrong to us. And keep us from being tempted.”

Peter stared. “Is that it? Even I can pray that.”

“It’s a good start,” said Jesus.    (from The Lord’s Prayer Unplugged)

We will be taking a line a week from the Lord’s Prayer to look at in depth and by that time it will be Easter and of course in the final week we will be reading The Easter Story together.

Rev. Malcolm will be leading Worship for us in Church for Ash Wednesday and talking about the Communion Bread to fit in with “our daily bread”, and Mrs. Daphne Durham who was Deputy Director of Education for the Diocese until last year and now works part time for them will also be coming in to lead an act of worship around The Lord’s Prayer.

Finally we will of course be finishing off our term with a service in Church on our last day, Friday 30th March at 9.10am when you are always welcome to join us.

P. A. Mallaby






News from the School

January 2012

As I am writing this we are in the midst of one of our busiest times in school. The Christmas season is upon us, last week we had the Junior production, “Stable Manners”, today we have the Reception evening production, “Whoops-a-Daisy Angel”, and tomorrow the Nursery nativity, “Little Owl and The Star”. Of course there is also all the parties and the trips to the pantomimes, the choir singing at Hazeldene Nursing Home and Showley Court as well as the service of Nine Lessons and Carols. The children are all excited and the staff are all exhausted!

Amidst this we even had time to have a celebratory Christmas dinner when all the staff ate in the hall with the children with carols on in the background and a wonderful atmosphere. Rev. Malcolm came to join us for lunch and everyone felt that bit of magic that we all associate with Christmas.

Within and central to all of this, as a Church school, is the true meaning of Christmas. In our final week for Worship we always read the story of Jesus’ birth and the visits associated with it, and when we return after the holiday we will talk about the arrival of the Wise Men.

Still to come we have our end of term music concert after our service in Church on the last day. FOSS come and make tea and coffee and Clayton Park Bakeries always provide mince pies for all the parents. The children who have been learning instruments put on a concert and the choir sing to entertain us all.

Mrs. Francis has taken over looking after parental helpers after the retirement of Mrs. Baldwin and this week we will be having mince pies with all our helpers to thank them for their contribution to school.

We do hope some of you joined us for our end of term service in Church on Friday, 16th December to help us celebrate Christmas and its true meaning. The Governors, staff and pupils hope that you all had a peaceful Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year.


P. A. Mallaby





News from the School 

December 2011

What an eventful time. It was wonderful to share in the final service in Church for the Vicar, so many people turning out to say thank-you and wish him and Janet all the best for the future proves what a wonderful presence he has had in Salesbury. What a lovely buffet also, many of you must have been baking for hours (whoever baked the lemon cake I had, thank-you I enjoyed it very much).

I hope you like the posters some of the children from school have designed to advertise your Christmas Fair. The winners are:

Molly Gibson Year 5/6 winner

Annabel Warner Year 3/4 winner

Ruby Thornber Year 1/2 winner

Finlay Jones Early Years Foundation Stage winner

Congratulations to them and also well done to all the children who took part.

We have been having some exciting trips recently, most notably the older children going to London where we toured the main sights, went to the Science and Industry Museum and watched Shrek the Musical. The children had a chance to relax on the way back where we had tea and everyone agreed they had had a wonderful time. Next month I will be able to tell you about the pantomimes that all the other children are going to see leading up to Christmas.

Hopefully we will see some of you next month too when school puts on its Christmas shows. If you want any tickets they will be available soon from school. We have Stable Manners and singing performed by the Juniors; Whoops a Daisy Angel! by the Reception children and the Nursery will be putting on their usual Nativity. No doubt we will also be singing at Showley Court and Hazeldene again, as well as attending some of the services in Church. Please do join us if you can on the 16th December for our final service of the term at 9.10am.

Pauline Mallaby





News from the School 

November 2011


“A Vicar was leaving his area and was saying farewell to his congregation at the Church doors for the last time. He shook the hand of an elderly lady as she walked out. She said "Your successor won't be as good as you." "Nonsense", said the Vicar, in a flattered tone. "No, really", said the old lady, "I've been here under five different ministers, and each new one has been worse than the last." (Anon)

Working in Church Schools for a number of years I have come into contact with a number of incumbents, all of whom have been supportive of their school to a varying degree.  One incumbent we only saw in school on important dates, another would come in every week for a small chat and to check everything was okay.  Today I want to write and say how supportive Canon John Hartley has been and what an important role he has played not only in the life of the community (as you all know and will be celebrating) but in the life of Salesbury C of E Primary School.

John has had to “put up with”  two Headteachers of this school, and believe you me Headteachers ‘by the very nature of their jobs’ are quite passionate about what they believe in and what they think is best for the children at their school and they are not afraid of saying so! Poor John has had to find ways of supporting their different characters, adapting to the way they want to run the school and acting as a bridge between community and school.  Each Head wants things running their way and John has had to adapt to the likes and dislikes of both of us which he has done with unerring Christian care.  He has had to take on roles that I am sure he never envisaged when he became a vicar: Chair of Governors and Child Protection are two that immediately jump to mind but it is the everyday contact that John has with school that we will all miss the most.

John has always been at the end of the phone if needed, he comes into school most days to make sure everyone is alright, both staff and children, and generally has a joke, a small story or something good to share.  Did you know that for some years on many Friday mornings he has come in and made toast for the staff?  It may seem a small gesture to some, but to the staff in school it has always been a large gift that we will always remember. 

Although I began with a joke, all the staff associated with school, now and in the past, have all been supported by John and we would like to record our sincere thanks to him and wish him all happiness and good health in his retirement – school really won’t be the same without you, John.

Pauline Mallaby





News from the School

June 2011

I told you in my last article that I would recount the Royal Wedding Day that we were going to have in school - we all had such fun.  The children made wedding regalia, flags and bunting in their classes during the morning and we hung the Union Jack from the flagpole as well as hanging lots of Union Jack bunting all around the playgrounds. 

We had organised a competition in advance of the day for the best, themed royal wedding picnic/snack box and Mrs. Worden, Mrs. Pearson and myself acted as judges.  I think every child in school and nursery entered and brought their snacks for our afternoon picnic in a decorated box.  It was very hard to chose a winner from each class, some of the boxes were amazing! 

At lunch-time we all had a very special buffet provided by Mrs. Bagot and her staff, including pink fizzy water as pretend champagne!  It was all hands on deck as the lunch spread out until 1.30pm. Staff bought a lunch as well as the children and there was a real holiday atmosphere.

Afterwards the children came back into the hall, including the nursery children (both the morning and afternoon children who had all come for the afternoon!) where we had a “guess whose wedding dress this is” competition between the boys and the girls.  Were we all really so thin and so young?  The competition was a draw with the children finding it quite hard to decide.  We had a real assortment of wedding dresses and I think even the staff were amazed at the different styles from antique to very modern.  We announced the winners of the picnic/snack box competition and made sure all the children knew who was getting married the next day!

We then all went onto the playground where we ate our picnic lunches in glorious sunshine.

Finally we rounded the afternoon off back in the school hall where we sang Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and the National Anthem.

As the children left to go home, ready for the real wedding day, they all received a bookmark commemorating the Royal Wedding and with the school emblem of cross keys embossed upon it.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the staff were exhausted, everyone had worked really hard to make the day a success and the children all seemed to have had a wonderful time.

I hope you all enjoyed the public holiday whether you were glued to the television or not.

Pauline Mallaby