St. Peter’s - Salesbury


 St Peters Church Salesbury

 Please click on the link below to view the Vision 2026 document issued by Bishop Julian




Mission Statement


 ‘Mission to all through and by Prayer, Worship, and Service’


 St. Peter’s


+  Distinctive

- is Anglican

- values tradition

- values based

- offers stillness and peace


+ a Community constantly seeking to learn and develop itself


 + Serves God and Community

- Engages with others


Engages in Mission

- Locally


- Internationally


 in all of this, relying on


Prayer and Worship




        Our Vision and Priorities 


1. Mission


Engage in Mission

– a clear reason for being and doing




2. The Church


a. as the Body of Christ

- Welcoming to all ages and all groups in society

- Inclusive

- Maintains tradition whilst being relevant


b. as a building

- Being flexible and responding to the needs of the community

whilst maintaining financial viability

- Responding to the needs of the community

- Adaptable and flexible




3. Discipleship


a. Equipping and Enabling people

- To serve to God and the Church


b. Prayer and Worship

- Maintaining tradition whilst being relevant and varied