Day by Day we have specific intentions in our prayers in the parish


Almighty God, we pray for your blessing on all who

share in the life and work of our Church and Parish:

In the ministry of word and sacrament,

in teaching and pastoral care,

in service to the Diocese and Deanery.

The community and those in need,

in ecumenical fellowship and co-operation.

We pray for all members of the congregation,

that in their life and work they may advance

your kingdom and bear witness to your love,

shown in your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.



1st    Diocese:  Bishops and Senior Staff; the work of the Cathedral

2nd  Deanery:  Area Dean, Synod and Parishes

3rd   Our Parish:  Vicar (Martin), Curate , Churchwardens,  PCC, Sidesmen and Sideswomen

4th   Churches Together:  Trinity URC, Wilpshire Methodists , Holy Souls , St Gabriel’s

5th   Whalley Road, Wilpshire Banks, Station Close, Salesbury View, Showley Brook Close,

           The Grange

6th   Lyndale Close and Avenue, Ribblesdale and Sunnyside Avenues, Hollies and Anderson Roads

7th   Durham Road, Berkshire, Shetland, Sutherland, Ely and Hampshire Closes, Shropshire Drive

8th   Day School – Teachers and Children, Governors and FOSSA, all other Staff and Helpers

9th   Uniformed Organisations  - Beavers, Cubs, Scouts Rainbows, Brownies, Guides – their Leaders

            and Helpers

10th Sunday School – Teachers and Children, Young Helpers and Families

11th   Mothers’ Union, Keys’ Club, House Group

12th  Hollowhead Lane, Hollowhead Avenue, Hollowhead Close and Beaver Close

13th  Knowsley Road, Knowsley Road West, Brooklyn Road, Mayfair Crescent, Clifton Grove and


14th  Ramsgreave Road, Paris, Isle of Man and Waverley Road

15th  Our personal witness in the community, place of work and in times of leisure

16th  Our Missionary Societies: USPG, CMS, The Bible Lands Society

17th  Those who lead our worship – Choir and Organist, Readers, Intercessors, Altar Servers

18th  Those to be married and confirmed, Parents and Godparents of those to be baptised

19th  Ribchester Road, Valley Road, The Hazels, Vicarage Lane, Yew Tree Close

20th Somerset Avenue, The Hawthorns, Bryers Croft

21st    Beech Close, Maple Close, St Peter’s Close, Showley Court, Court Grove

22nd Hazeldene and Showley Brook Homes for the Elderly, the Staff and Residents

23rd  Families experiencing difficult times: Sickness, Bereavement, One-Parent Families,

             Unemployment, Strained Relationships

24th  Newcomers to the parish and our church life: May they receive a warm Christian welcome

25th  The Diocesan Family of Church life; our response to the needs and expectations of others

26th  Clayton Grove, Lovely Hall Lane

27th  Copster Green, Park Gate Row, Albany Drive

28th  Longsight Road, Showley Road, Outlying Areas of the Parish

29th  Non-religious Groups in the Parish

30th  All who serve our needs – Doctors, Nurses and Health Services, in shops and places of


31st   The Parish Councils – Salesbury, Ramsgreave, Clayton-le-Dale, Wilpshire – their Officers



 Grant, O Lord,

that your love may so fill our lives that we count

nothing too small to do for you

nothing too much to give

and nothing to hard to bear

for Jesus Christ’s sake.


(St Ignatius Loyola)


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