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HOUSE GROUPS – September to November 2016

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The Joy of the Gospel

By Paula Gooder

This six-part course is based on Pope Francis' much acclaimed reflections on mission and evangelism, published as Evangelii Gaudium.

Widely recognised as offering wisdom and vision for all Christians in a culture that is often hostile to the church, Evangelii Gaudium offers a positive and realistic approach to sharing faith in the modern world.

Paula Gooder introduces its key themes to readers in all denominations and challenges them to consider its application in their own contexts.

The course comprises six sessions:

13th September                 - Joy and the Gospel

27th September                - Going Forth

11th October                    - Saying Yes and Saying No

25th October                    - Proclaiming the Gospel

8th November                 - Making the Kingdom Present in Our World 

22nd November              - Being Filled with the Spirit

 We meet fortnightly on a Tuesday night from 7.30pm to 9.00pm and the first session on 13th September will be at The Vicarage 49a Ribchester Road.


House Group Meetings 2015

Getting to Know God

How can we learn about God and his ways?

This 8 Session Study covers Chapters 1-20 of Exodus, giving us a clear picture of God’s character and how we should respond.

1. The God who keeps his promises            5. The God who saves

2. The God who is personal                         6. The God who triumphs

3. The God who is determined                    7. The God who provides

4. The God who is boss                              8. The God who is holy


Tuesdays: 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm


January 27th, February 10th & 24th, March 10th & 24th, April 21st,

May 5th & 19th.

The first session will be held at The Vicarage.

Venues for subsequent sessions to be announced

 House Group Meetings Spring 2014 

Build on the Rock: Matthew 7:24

Faith, doubt – and Jesus


Tuesdays: 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm 

January 28th, February 11th, 25th, March 11th, 25th.


This is a new ‘York Course’ written by John Young, Canon Emeritus of York Minster. The Course starts by looking at faith and doubt.

Is it wrong – or is it normal and healthy – for a Christian to have doubts? Is there any evidence for a God who loves us?

At the heart of a Christian answer lies Jesus himself – this 5 Session Course considers his ‘strange and beautiful story’ and reflects upon his teaching, his death, his resurrection and his continuing significance.

1. Believing and doubting – January 28th at The Vicarage

2. Jesus – our teacher - February 11th at 4, Valley Road

3. Jesus – our saviour
- February 25th

4. Jesus – conqueror of death
- March 11th

5. Jesus – Lord and brother
- March 25th  


Venues for Sessions 3-5 to be announced


For more information please contact: The Vicar (248072) or Julie Bradshaw (249764)