Salesbury - St Peter

       Mothers Union

Notes for  2012

  November 2012

Our speaker at the September meeting was Mr Gordon Bartley.  We watched his wonderful slides as he took us on a journey from Pendle Hill to the Yorkshire coastline, via Brimham Rocks, the Kilburn Horse and the Bridestones in Dalby Forest; and as we watched his virtual tour, we passed many recommended tea shops in villages and fish and chip shops in towns. We saw lovely harbour shots in differing light from Whitby via Robin Hood’s bay, and Scarborough down to Bridlington. His seascape pictures of the area around Flamborough Head were very dramatic. The power of the sea was all too evident during a helicopter rescue of a surfer who had gotten into difficulties and who could not be saved.

We trust our members who are unwell and unable to join us at our meetings are keeping warm and comfortable, and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

Dates for your Diaries:

Come and join us for the Ministry of Welcome at Blackburn Cathedral on Thursday 8th November. It is a social day, meeting many different people; husbands can come along and help too, chairs are provided. Why not combine it with a meal in the “Cafe in the Crypt”? Please let me know if you are able to offer two hours in the morning or afternoon.

Mothers’ Union Christmas meal at the Traders on 5th December at 6pm for 6.30pm: please note the earlier time. Please return your choice of menu and payment at the next meeting.

8th December: St Peter’s Christmas Fair

At the meeting in the Memorial Hall on 28th November we welcome Canon Roy Braithwaite; his talk is entitled “The King James Bible”. Visitors are welcome.

   October 2012

  On 22nd August, a fine summer evening, we welcomed Mrs Celia Ball to our meeting; Celia talked about some of the Quakers who became famous. These people were not allowed to go to university nor enter into the professions such as medicine to become doctors or to become lawyers, therefore they went into the trades; one was Abraham Derby who went into industry at Colbrookdale and worked to produce iron in the early part of the industrial revolution; another was Elizabeth Fry who appears on our bank notes, Elizabeth was an early prison reformer who helped to improve the living conditions of women and children who were living in squalid conditions in the prisons of the time. Celia also discussed the fact that Quakers have a social conscience and have worked towards improving social conditions for many people, they promote peace, many having deep convictions and became conscientious objectors in the 1st World War. Some didn’t help in the war effort at all and were imprisoned for their beliefs; others gave medical help to all injured people. We were also privileged to be shown Celia’s own marriage certificate – all those who attended the wedding ceremony signing the certificate.

Thank you to all our members who helped at the “Celebration of Marriage” in September.  All your contributions were really appreciated.

We remember in our prayers those members who are unable to join us at our meetings at this time and send our best wishes to you. 

We send our congratulations and good wishes to June & David Dickinson who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in September.

Dates for your Diaries: 

3rd October: 2.00pm Mothers’ Union Deanery Quiet Hour at St Leonard’s Church, Langho

15th October: 7.30pm Mothers’ Union Whalley Deanery meeting in Clitheroe 

5th November: 1.30 pm Committee Meeting at 12 Shropshire Drive

8th November: 10.30 am – 3.30 pm Ministry to Visitors at the Cathedral 

5th December: 7 pm Mothers’ Union Christmas Meal at The Traders, Mellor

At the meeting to be held on 24th October we will welcome Mrs Gwyneth Jones her talk entitled “Teaching the Teachers in Indonesia”.


   September 2012 

Welcome back after the summer break. I hope you are all rested and have enjoyed the warmer days and summer evenings of our somewhat unpredictable summer.

We were pleased to welcome Heather Slater as our speaker at our July meeting. Heather spoke about the seven and a half years she worked as a nanny for the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia. Heather was one of many nannies who attended a smart hotel in London for her initial interview. Then, after a successful second interview which took place in Paris, Heather was whisked back to London and then onwards on a private jet back to Saudi Arabia. Once in the Royal Palace, her induction included the strict rules about those areas of the palace where women were not allowed. Miss Heather, as they all called her, enjoyed trips on holiday with the Saudi Royal Family. These included holidays to the South of France, sailing on the royal family’s yacht (Kingdom 5KR), and also to the USA including Niagara Falls. Then there were the shopping trips to Paris and London. As well as adhering to the rules of the house Heather explained that she had freedom to go out on her days off, though there were some restrictions; women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia and she was asked to cover her hair when out and about.  She did mention that the local people who had not answered the call to prayer would be rounded up and taken to the police station.

We have had a rather busy summer baking for various events – thank you all for your support and help at the Rose Queen Festival and also at the Garden Party and cake stall at Bishop’s House. I thank you all also for your support at our Coffee Morning on 4th August when we raised over £120 for Mothers’ Union funds. 

We remember in our prayers our members and their families who are unwell at this time and trust you will soon be feeling much better. We also remember those who are recently bereaved and we send our condolences to Audrey Clarkson and her family and also to Dorothy Dixon and her family. 

Please let me have your orders and money for Families First, and also, orders and money for your Mothers’ Union Diaries and Calendars for 2013 by 1st September please.

Dates for your Diaries:

3rd October at 2pm at St Leonards’ Langho - Mothers’ Union Deanery Quiet Hour

Please note the time is different from the one published in our Mothers’ Union Diary.

Thursday 8th November Volunteers are needed for the Ministry of Welcome to visitors at the Cathedral – it’s a pleasant morning or afternoon in the Cathedral welcoming visitors, chairs are provided, please see me if you are able to help – husbands can help too.  

Our next meeting in the Memorial Hall is on 26th September when Gordon Bartley will be our speaker, his talk entitled, “Fish & Chips, Little Ships and North Sea Spray”.  Tea Hostesses please:  Christine Wardleworth, Jennifer Dean, June Dickinson and Diane Foote.

With best wishes to you all, Tricia.

 June 2012 

Thank you to everyone who supported our open evening on 25th April. Thank you to our Mothers’ Union Committee for all their help in providing the refreshments and a big thank you to my husband Bill who set out the tables and chairs and to Ian Duckworth who volunteered and helped with the washing up, all your help was very much appreciated. I also send thanks to all those members who generously provided raffle prizes including Tesco who provided a £10 Gift voucher. Our Open Evening raised just over £200. 

I had heard of the National Garden Scheme before, but with Dorothy and Andrew Richards’ talk we all now know a lot more about this worthy cause, its history, the founder a Victorian philanthropist who provided nurses in Liverpool for the terminally ill and the beneficiaries of the proceeds today. Dorothy and Andrew are now Assistant County Organizers, they are volunteers, and their area covers Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester. They are among some of the members of the scheme who inspect the gardens that are open to the public. Dorothy and Andrew we send our thanks to you for giving an informative talk and for bringing along some of your hardy plants. It was also good to see some of the colourful pictures of gardens that we can visit locally.

We have three or four members who are unwell at this time and have been in hospital and we pray that all of you will soon be feeling much better.

It was with great sadness that we heard that Gwen Holgate had died. We send our condolences to Nigel, Elisabeth and family.

We would appreciate any help that members and non members are able to give on the Rose Queen Festival Day, and especially would like you to bring a cake along for the refreshments between 9.30 am and 10 am on Saturday 30th June. 

Dates for your Diaries

27th June:     Mothers’ Union Meeting

30th June:     Rose Queen Festival

7th July:        Wheels Appeal Coffee Morning at Bishops House

4th August:   Mothers’ Union Coffee Morning at Shropshire Drive,

                    (Tickets available from Committee Members)

22nd August: Mothers’ Union meeting


At the next meeting in the Memorial Hall on 27th June our speaker will be Heather Slater and her talk entitled “Working for the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia.

Tea Hostesses Please: Susan Duckworth, Eileen Bagot, Irene Bonney, and Margaret Wilson.  

With best wishes to you all, Tricia.



April 2012

 Thank you to all our members who participated at the Wave of Prayer in February.

 Mrs Jenny File (a Mothers’ Union Member) was our speaker at the February meeting following the Ash Wednesday evening communion service. Jenny‘s talent for sewing is certainly being put to good use. Jenny had been encouraged by her mother to attend their local quilting group. The first item she made was a choir boy out of the traditional octagonal shapes. Her talents lead her to be asked to make a cope with intricate Celtic patterns being made up of layers of materials. Small areas were snipped away through the levels revealing different colours and the raw edges satin stitched. The silk materials, some hand dyed, and her handiwork work was beautiful. Jenny had items stitched with gold thread and banners with areas of gold cloth. As well as making traditional quilts Jenny had repaired the Mother’s Union Banner at White Chapel, and had made quilted wall hangings for the Priory at Cartmel. We were all amazed at the various items she had brought along to show us her ecclesiastic journey in threads.

 The Mothers’ Union is always looking for new members. Mothers’ Union is an international organisation with a Christian ethos. Ladies from this area meet socially to encourage friendships, give each other mutual support and work together for the good of the church and those less fortunate than ourselves both nationally and internationally. St Peter’s Salesbury Mothers’ Union has a varied programme and meet in Salesbury Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month.  Information is also available at or if you would like more information please contact myself or Barbara Youles, our secretary.

We remember in our prayers our elderly members who have been unwell and those who are recovering from operations.

We send our send our congratulations to Margaret & John Duckworth who celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary this month.

Dates for your diaries:

25th April 7.30pm Mothers’ Union Open Evening

2nd May 7.30pm  Mothers’ Union Deanery Festival at St Paul’s Low Moor, Clitheroe

23rd May 7.30pm Mothers’ Union Meeting

27th June 7.30pm Mothers’ Union Meeting

30th June Rose Queen day 

The next meeting in the Memorial Hall is an open evening when ladies and gentlemen are welcome to attend. The speakers are Dorothy & Andrew Richards. Their topic “Visit a Garden Near You”.

Tea Hostess are:  Members of the Committee please.

With best wishes Tricia

Branch Leader


St Peter’s Salesbury Mothers’ Union


To be held in the Memorial Hall, Salesbury

on Wednesday

25th APRIL 2012

at 7.30 p.m.



Dorothy & Andrew Richards

Tickets Cost £5 (includes wine & nibbles)

In aid of Mothers’ Union charities

Tickets available from committee members or from

 Mrs Barbara Youles – Mothers Union Secretary

Telephone number 01254 248525




March 2012

Thank you to all our members who attended our Annual General Meeting on 25th January. Your support is really appreciated. If any members would like to read my Annual Report, a copy will be enclosed in the file at the back of church for the St. Peter’s Church Annual Meeting on 25th March.

Our open evening and coffee mornings raised enough money to enable us to send donations to: the Mothers’ Union Overseas Fund, the Mothers’ Union Relief Fund, the Mothers’ Union Caravan Fund for “Away From it all Holidays”, the Mothers’ Union UK Development Fund, and the Mothers’ Union General Fund. I would like to express my thanks to everyone who helped us to achieve this generous level of giving, to enable Mothers’ Union projects both in the UK and worldwide to help those who have met with adversity.

After the business we were pleased to welcome Keith Sowerbutts as our speaker. Keith brightened a dark January evening with beautiful pictures taken when they were on holiday in the Far East. Our virtual tour showing pictures of Okinawa, Taiwan, Ho Chi Minh City, formally known as Saigon, with its French influence on the municipal buildings, and then on to Thailand and Bangkok - the exotic temples and palaces of these tropical countries set in wonderful surroundings with their colourful flora.  We saw pictures of the notorious Bridge 277 (the bridge over the River Kwai). Our journey to the Far East concluded with sunny pictures in Singapore. We thank Keith and Kathleen for sharing their holiday memories with us.

Several of our members have been unwell and we send out best wishes to you and hope that you will soon be feeling better.  We remember our elderly members who are unable to get out and about and trust you are all keeping warm and comfortable during the cold weather.

The speaker at our next meeting in the Memorial Hall on 28th March at 7.30pm is Christine Reade, her talk entitled, “Secrets and Surprises”. Tea Hostesses please:

Dates for your Diaries:

18th March at 10.30 am Mothering Sunday Service

26th March at 7pm Deanery Meeting

28th March at 7.30 pm Mothers’ Union Meeting in the Memorial Hall

25th April at 7.30 pm Mothers’ Union Open Evening

2nd May at 7.30 p m at St Paul’s Low Moor, Mothers’ Union Deanery Festival


With best wishes,



St Peter’s Salesbury Mothers’ Union


To be held in the Memorial Hall, Salesbury

On Wednesday 25th April 2012


7.30 pm

 “Visit A Garden Near You”


Dorothy & Andrew Richards

Tickets - £5 (including wine & nibbles)

In aid of Mothers’ Union charities

Tickets available from committee members or from

Mrs Barbara Youles – Mothers Union Secretary

Telephone number 01254 248525




February 2012 



Mothers’ Union is an international organization.  We have over 50 ladies who are members of our local branch. Mary Sumner was our founder who organised the first Mother’s Union meeting for ladies in her local parish, Old Alresford in Hampshire.  The idea being that ladies from the parish could meet socially to give each other mutual support, encourage friendships, and work together for the good of the church and those less fortunate than ourselves both nationally and internationally with a Christian ethos.

St Peter’s Salesbury Mothers’ Union has a varied programme and meet in Salesbury Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month.  There is a printed programme at the back of church and information is also available at or if you would like more information please contact myself or Barbara Youles our secretary.

Each year Mothers’ Union has a theme.

The theme for 2012 is “Your Gift? Discover and Celebrate”  

News about the AGM will be in the next issue of St Peter’s church magazine.   The Diocesan Treasurer has requested that our subscriptions are paid a month earlier than usual and we would appreciate it you would pay your subscriptions for 2012 by the February meeting.

We remember in our prayers our members who have been unwell recently and send get well wishes to you and trust you will soon be able to join us at our meetings. 

Dates for your diaries:

15th February at 10.30 a.m. in Church, our annual Wave of Prayer followed by coffee

18th March Mothering Sunday service at 10.30am

As our next meeting falls on Ash Wednesday we will attend the service of Holy Communion at 7pm in St. Peters Church before going over to the Memorial Hall for the meeting.  Mrs Jenny File will be our speaker – her talk entitled “An Ecclesiastic Journey in Threads”.  Tea Hostesses please: Pauline Hey, Jennifer Dean, Dorothy Dixon, Anne Duckworth and Susan Duckworth.

With best wishes, Tricia




                              January 2012

May I begin by wishing you all a very happy new year. We have a full programme booked for 2012 and I look forward to seeing you all at the coming events.

As we start another year I have several thank you’s. We send our thanks and appreciation to Martin Wrench who made our open evening in November a resounding success. Our Mothers’ Union fund-raising evening was really good. I dressed up as a fairy godmother; we had Dick Whittington, Cinderella, a beautiful cat, a scary looking witch, Dennis the Menace and another fairy godmother. Approximately 50 people came to see our speaker Martin Wrench from Brunshaw Methodist Church, Burnley. He was so funny and had us all doing “one finger, one thumb keep moving”. His jokes were the usual pantomime style – everyone said how much they enjoyed themselves and we raised £230 for MU funds. The sherry, may be helped everyone to relax? One of the raffle prizes was donated by Taylors of Harrogate and others from Mothers’ Union Members - Thank you all, for your generosity.

The Christmas Fair went well, thanks to our members’ help and support, and the donations of cakes from everyone. The tea & coffee and cakes made approximately £300 and potato pies made over £200. We thank Derrick Smith and Bill Ould for arranging the tables, Derek Wardleworth for collecting the boiler and items from church, and I send a special thank you on behalf of all our members to Ian Duckworth who again stood over the kitchen sink as chief washer up.

The Mothers’ Union Christmas Party in the Memorial Hall was another happy event supported by our members. We thank David and his team from “The Traders” at Mellor for organizing, preparing and serving our food. We thank “Northern Vibe”, the barbershop quartette who sing with the Red Rosette Barbershop Choir from Leyland, for coming to sing for us. I thank Christine Wardleworth and our committee members and husbands for their help in setting up and decorating the Memorial Hall and a special mention to Derek Wardleworth, Ian Duckworth and Steve Cooke who washed up and cleaned up the kitchen.

We remember our elderly members who are unable to attend our meetings and wish you all good health for coming year and thank you all for your continued support of Mothers’ Union.

Dates for your diaries:

9th January 2012 at 2pm Committee Meeting

15th February at 10.30 am Wave of Prayer service in church followed by coffee

The next meeting in the Memorial Hall is on the 25th January when we hold our Mother’ Union AGM.

Please come along and support us.

With best wishes Tricia