St. Peter, Salesbury

House Groups: Sept – Nov 2019


Praying to an Unlimited God

in Unlimited Ways

Prayer can take us on a journey, engaging us not just in the words of our heavenly father, but also taking us into his presence.

As we develop our conversation and communication with God we can discover just how much he loves us and who he has created us to be. We step into his purposes and find hope and fulfilment, even in difficult times.

Prayer is a huge biblical topic and there are many books written on the subject and whilst this study cannot answer all your questions or cover all the areas of prayer, it is hoped that as we navigate these sessions, together in House Group, God will fan into flame the gift within us.

Who knows what discoveries we will make.

House Group meets fortnightly

on a Tuesday Evening 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Details of the House Groups from September to November 2019

are as follows:

  • Session 1: Unlimited Chat

    • 24th September @ St. Peter’s Vicarage, Ribchester Rd 

  • Session 2: Unlimited Authority 

    • 1st October@ Treetops, Longsight Road

  • Session 3: Unlimited Pursuit

    • 15th October @ St. Peter’s Vicarage

  • Session 4: Unlimited Hope

    • 29th October Pine Springs, The Hawthorns

  • Session 5: Unlimited Opportunity

    • 12th November @ Treetops, Longsight Road

  • Session 6: Unlimited Creativity

    • 26th November @ St. Peter’s Vicarage

For more details contact Martin or Sue



 Information about past courses can be found on the Archive page