Salesbury - St Peter


Home Groups

September to December 2018

7.30pm to 9.00pm

1 Corinthians Chapters 1-9

Challenging Church”

The trouble with church is…”

How would you finish that sentence?

If you’re part of the church, you’ve probably got some good reasons to be disappointed or frustrated. And if you talk about church with those outside it, you’ll usually find it meets with mild disinterest or real dislike.

It’s not surprising. Churches say they have the best news on earth…that they have the answer to the world’s problems…and yet often churches don’t live or work as if those things are true. We’re too possessive of small things, and too casual about great ones. Too defensive of our interests, and too often ignoring God.

And that’s what the church in first-century Corinth was like. It was young, confident, full of life – and just as full of problems. What would God say to them? What did they need to be excited by, to listen to, to learn? How did they need to live and work together as God’s people?

Our Home Group studies from September to December will help us to hear the message that God had for His church in Corinth – the message God still has for His church today.

Come and join us as we explore and learn together

Tuesday 18th September - The Vicarage, 49a Ribchester Road

Tuesday 2nd October - Clayton Manor Lodge, Ribchester Road

Tuesday 16th October - Pine Springs, The Hawthorns




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