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Mother's Union



Meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall


Enrolling member:   Vacant

                 Secretary:    Mrs K Sowerbutts         247129



Our meeting in September was a little different than the one we had planned!!! Fortunately Sue was prepared and we were able to enjoy an evening where we chose hymns and said why we liked them and what they meant to us. There were a variety of requests and reasons and it was interesting that the older hymns held memories from childhood, Sunday School and our mothers singing hymns at home. Sue accompanied us on her guitar. We may not have had “organic farming” but we had a good sing. A big thank you to Sue for helping us out.

Thank you to those who took part in the Wave of Prayer on October 21st.

Diary Dates:-     November 25th               “A Journey to Headship” Clare Berryman

                                                            Tea Rota  M.Wilson,  M.Heseltine,  E.Hirst,  J.Dean


                        December 9th                 Christmas Meal at Whalley Golf Club

Our June meeting was well attended when we welcomed Sara Horne from the North West Air Ambulance. Martin and Sue led us in worship, our hymn the modern version of the 23rd Psalm.Thank you to Sue for accompanying us on her guitar.

Sara spoke passionately about the Air Ambulance Service and along with a power point presentation and the time she had, gave us a brief account of the vital work this service gives. When attending an incident, time is of the essence. The speed at which an air ambulance can arrive will reduce long-term disabilities quite considerably. A land ambulance could take up to 40 minutes to attend a casualty, the air ambulance 7 minutes. The first hour is vital to a casualty. One of our members was involved in a road accident recently and airlifted to hospital so has had first hand experience of that speed. An air ambulance can travel up to 160 mph.

The Air Ambulance is very dependent on public support through donations. It costs £6 million pounds per year to run the service. In 2004, £4 million pounds was left to North West Air Ambulance in a will. A helicopter was named after “Katie” whose bequest enabled the service to continue. The National Lottery gives a regular income, but most comes from the public raising the much-needed funds to run this vital service. A helmet costs £2,363 and a tank of fuel £580 enough for 8 or 9 trips!!!! Paramedics have had intensive training and work closely with their colleagues on the ground in other rescue/emergency services ensuring that the service operates smoothly. We gave Sara £65 towards the work of the Air Ambulance, £35 of which was from the raffle. Sara was thanked for her interesting talk, giving us just a brief account of the vital service given to the people of the North West area.

Thank you to all who helped or baked cakes for the ‘Fun, Food and Faith’ at Bishop’s House in July.

A successful afternoon.

Our meeting on May 27th was a members’ evening when we were asked to bring along something which was of importance to us personally. Our numbers were a little depleted but those who took part gave a varied and interesting mix of topics. Families and memories came across as a strong theme, important to us all. Thank you to those who took part

March 2015

Our meeting in February was entitled “Grave Talk”. Martin was our speaker. The talk proved to be a thought provoking evening where we, in groups, discussed death. Churches have been asked to look at the way in which they work with families on death, dying and funerals. Grave talk is an initiative set up by the Church of England to encourage people to talk about this difficult subject.


Working in groups we used a series of cards entitled “Grave Talk”. Each card had a question for us to discuss. This certainly got us talking and through our discussions made the subject of death a little easier to understand and feel more comfortable with.

Thank you Martin for leading us on this topic.

We also thank Sue for leading us in our worship before the meeting.


We extend our sympathy to the family of Betty Harwood who died in late February.

Diary Dates:      April 22nd          Off Beat Record - Marjorie Holt

                                                Tea Rota: J.Sharples, P.Ould, C.Sandford, M.Greenwood, M.Rawlings

                        There is a new rota which will be on display at each meeting so should                              you need to change your duty you can.

                        May 6th             Deanery Festival at St.Peter’s Church Salesbury

                                                Refreshments will be served after the service.

May the Peace of God be with you this Easter.


Judith Sharples


  February 2015

In spite of the snowy evening our AGM on January 28th was quite well attended. As she stands down from her role as secretary we thank Barbara for seven years of loyal service to Mother’s Union. Kathleen has agreed to take on secretary of our branch. We welcome June back to the committee.


The Bishop’s wife Heather was our speaker following the AGM. Her talk entitled ‘Drunk before Dawn’ proved to be of great interest and thought provoking. Heather’s mother Shirley Lees wrote a book ‘Drunk before Dawn’. Her father was a doctor but he and his wife went out to Borneo as missionaries. Heather was born there, prematurely, when her father was away. There were no medical facilities, as we know them, but she survived.

The people of Borneo had very definite but primitive beliefs and drank excessively.They believed that the only way to increase the good in a person was to behead another in order to obtain his goodness. Christianity taught them that this was not necessary and created an enormous improvement in their lives. As they learned to trust more in what the missionaries taught them, the health of women was also improved by adopting a better diet. They were so delighted by the transformation in their lives that they spread God’s news to neighbouring tribes. It was very interesting and Heather also showed us some articles from Borneo including a beautiful sun-hat which was presented to her when she returned some years later.

Diary Dates:      March 15th        Mothering Sunday Service at 10.30am.

                        March 25th        Lady Day Service in Church at 7pm. followed by

                                                “My Journey” -  Janet Haworth in the Memorial Hall.

                        Tea Rota:          Pauline Hey, Margaret Hesseltine, Val Jefferson, Marjorie Jones

                                                Kathleen Sowerbutts


                        April 22nd          “Off Beat Record” - Marjorie Holt



Our October meeting was a members’ evening and proved to be a great success. Sue organised and opened the meeting which was a Beetle Drive. It was certainly an evening with a difference and I know everyone enjoyed it. Jean Hayes had the highest score, well done Jean. With the lowest score Eileen Bagot was given some chocolate spoons for “stirring”. Kathleen Sowerbutts was awarded a packet of dates to help keep her moving!!! (she did not move from her seat once during the entire game). Thank you Sue for organising the evening and making sure none of us cheated.


Martin sent a message of thanks to members who had volunteered to assist at the baptism services. It has been much appreciated by him and by the families whose children are being baptised.


Diary Dates:

December 6th          Christmas Fair: 10.30am- 2.00pm in School. Help needed to set up Friday evening, in the café and to tidy up at the end. Offers of cakes please.

December 10th        Christmas Meal: Ribchester Arms.

Jan 28th 2015          AGM:Tea Rota: Committee Members

February 25th          Tea Rota: Jennifer Dean, Judith Sharples, Sue Duerden, Sheila Goodman, Elaine Hirst


May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.