Salesbury - St Peter


   The Thursday Team

 The Thursday Team

Who are we?
A group of men who meet very Thursday at the Church

What do we do?
Any job that needs doing around the Church and the Church grounds

What time do we meet?
From 9am to about 12 noon

What do we get out of it?
Friendship, great satisfaction from the work we do - we save the Church a lot of money by offering our servcies free ... oh and we get a cup of coffee and a biscuit mid-morning!

Do I need any special skills?

Can anybody come along?
Yes - feel free to do so - we look forward to seeing you



Thursday Team Scaffolding Poles Appeal   

We have made safe some 150 headstones in the graveyard. Employing monumental masons to deal with 20 stones too big for 4 men to handle cost over £1000 2 years ago. We have now developed a technique, driving lengths of scaffolding pole front and rear of the headstone and enclosing this reinforcement in a concrete collar.

What we need now are more old scaffolding poles. Would anyone who has spare poles, or know friends or well-disposed builders who may have such things please contact:

Jim Harding , Kevin Ashton  or Warwick Watson                        

Thank you,                    The Thursday Team.



We would like to thank all those members of the Church Family who have made donations towards the work of the Thursday Team.  As we are sure that everyone at St Peter’s is aware, the work of the Thursday Team is invaluable to the Church, many thousands of pounds have been saved through the work of this committed group of men who work each Thursday morning in the Church or the graveyard come rain or shine.  The one inescapable fact is, that regardless of how many thousands of pounds the members of the Thursday Team have saved the Church, their work could not continue without money for materials being made available.  For this reason, we have a special reason to thank everyone who has made a contribution towards the costs of maintaining the Church, its grounds and its graveyard; without this financial support many vital works would have to be postponed, perhaps indefinitely.  In recent months, over £1400 has been donated, and since almost all of this is eligible for gift aid, in due course an extra £300 will come to the Church.  The following is an abbreviated extract from the PCC minutes showing which additional jobs have been approved recently and funding committed, many of which are in the course of being completed as we write.

  •  Reset crazy paving in Lych Gate Porch £10
  • Renew choir vestry rainwater gutter - £70
  • Paint 2-off flat roofs with weather resistant paint - £40
  • Paint all troughs and down pipes - £200
  • Re-roof over cellar steps - £300
  • Paint Oil Tank and Screening - £60
  • Secure headstones - £60
  • Re-paint all metal and wood gates including graveyard - £60
  • Skip hire for removal of grave spoil - £140


You may also be aware that the Thursday Team hopes that funding will be made available as soon as possible to enable further drainage work to take place in the graveyard which eventually will enable additional drains to be put in place in the memorial garden.  Those of you who regularly visit either the graveyard or the memorial garden will appreciate the value of this project.  Once again, due to the commitment of the Thursday volunteers, we need not be concerned about the cost of the labour involved, which, should we have to pay it, would be substantial.  The cost of the second phase of drainage works will be in the region of £1,200 and the PCC will consider in July whether this work is to go ahead this summer.  If anyone is prepared to assist in financing this work, please speak to one of the Wardens or the Vicar.  Other items which are to be considered by the PCC include repairs to stained glass windows, and of course jobs considered necessary following the Quinquennial Review, a five year building

inspection which is due this summer.

Whilst additional finance is always required, the manpower is also vital and anyone wishing to help by joining the Thursday Team will be made extremely welcome.

Keith Sowerbutts

Sue Grime

(Church Wardens)




Our current project


   Whispers from the Graveyard

Since September 2008, when Mick Grime and myself attended a Diocesan Meeting regarding Health & Safety in Graveyards, the Thursday Team has been addressing the problem.

An initial survey identified 25 urgent cases of Category 1: Dangerous Tombstones, all of which were made safe by April 2009. We are now well into Category 2: Unsafe but not immediately dangerous. In total, 82 gravestones have been made safe, and much additional minor restoration carried out, comprising about two-thirds of those needing attention.

The Health & Safety demand is simply safety, but our aim has been more ambitious, trying wherever possible to restore and re-erect memorials in their existing positions, whilst rendering them safe and showing consideration for the feelings of the deceased’s family. You will have seen obvious signs of the work as you walk the paths through the graveyard, because our first priority was to secure those tombstones nearest to the public paths. All such stones should now be safe.

The Vicar is now addressing another problem (dilapidated and collapsed grave kerb edges, which are both an eye-sore, a Health & Safety designated ‘trip hazard’, and an obstruction to our mowing contractors) by seeking a Faculty to remove these edges from 26 graves, whilst maintaining the headstones and other inscription stones in their present location. A photographic record of these graves before any work is carried out is being kept.

All this has been done by the Thursday Team, the only expenses being time and concrete, apart from the employment of Stephenson’s to provide lifting machinery for 25 of the larger monuments.

This has occupied a lot of the Team’s time, but other work, e.g. rebuilding a dangerous boundary wall in the NW corner of the graveyard, preparing another set of niches in the Memorial Garden, and the regular maintenance of trees and flowerbeds, has also continued.


Jim Harding