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GATEWAY TEAM (October 2016)



News from Gateway 2015

gateway competition 2015

We began the year thinking about new beginnings and what we could start doing and stop doing as well! We then learnt about the story of the wedding where Jesus turned water into wine and had a competition of wedding dress design with imaginative toilet rolls and our own invitations – it was a  close contest but Lucy’s team won. 

We then looked forward to Easter and the older group acted out the Easter story to our younger members.  As part of our work with the diocese the children have been writing letters to God – asking questions that they have about how God can see us, does he know our names and perhaps more curious questions such as what does he eat, what is his shoe size and so on. 

We hope you have seen our displays in church for which we are grateful to Liz Hindle for her co-ordination.  The recent addition of a large cross is from a session where we talked about how the disciples who were so few were able to spread the word to the many – so we used our hands and finger prints to follow Jesus and make a difference together.

More recently we were able to welcome Sue Witts from the diocese who was able to engage our two age groups together in the story of the lost sheep and all the children were able to make a miniature match box sheep – very cute and an excellent way to remember the story.  Sue also introduced us to some new songs which we are planning to practice a bit more in our sessions ahead – and perhaps perform in church!

We look forward to welcoming new members and have circulated our information at the recent nursery and school induction evening.  We will also be celebrating our involvement with Gateway at the annual Gateway Celebration Service which this year will be part of the family service on Sunday 12th July.  We hope you will join us to celebrate the fun we have had so far in 2015.

 The Gateway Team!

(Gateway is the name of our group for children aged 3-11 years – do please see our leaflet in church or contact for details).




Our Sunday School, the children and all who help to organise and operate it are hugely important to the life and work of St. Peter's. A huge thanks to all who are involved in this important work.

For more details on their work see the attached documents:

Gateway Leaflet





The end of our Sunday School year is fast approaching!  However, there is much to fit in before our party in July. 


Recent Events

On Sunday 20 May 2012 – there was a Sunday School session with a church visit (and a chance for the children to tell the congregation all about what they have been doing/making/discussing at our session!).  

On Sunday 27 May 2012, - Susan Witts joined us to lead the session - Susan has led sessions for us before and all have been really enjoyed by the children and the helpers and it is also an opportunity for all the age groups to join together.  Her sessions are fun, practical, hands on and bring a different approach and new ideas. 


Forthcoming Events 

We have two sessions on 17 and 24 June and then we will be joining with the other groups (such as Beavers/Rainbows etc) in the procession from The Homestead on Saturday 30 June and for the short service afterwards and then the Fair at the school.  We will have a stall to raise funds for the church and for ourselves to ensure we can continue to provide quality materials for our sessions - so come along and try your hand at the target game or the lolly stick game.   

We award all the children with a certificate and small gift at the Rose Queen Family Service on Sunday 1 July 2012 and then finish for the year with our summer party on Sunday 15 July 2012.

We will especially be thanking Debbie Jessop for her contribution to Sunday School over a number of years as she leaves us this summer due to other commitments.  If you have a child/children who think they may like to attend and they are between 3 and 11 years old - either ring/check the website for more information - or just turn up for one of our sessions - 10.30 am to 11.30 am on the dates above - and you/your child/ren will be made really welcome!


Liz Rawson


February 2012

Sunday School returned for their first session on Sunday 15 January 2012.  Numbers were high and the session included a church visit.  Helped by one of the parents, the traffic waited "patiently" for us to cross the road to make our way from the school to church.  Andrew Malcolm, taking the service, was as keen as ever to find out what we had been doing that morning.  George Barker, one of our pre-school/reception group, was happy to oblige and proudly show off the crown he had made and was wearing!!

By the time you read this, we will have had a visit on 29 January 2012, from Susan Witts, who works with children on behalf of the Diocese.  She is now a regular visitor to our Sunday School - and her sessions are always well received.  Her sessions usually include a mix of music and play, and are always very interactive - involving all our children right through from 3 to 11 years.

We have a visit from Lisa Fenton planned for March.  Lisa, like Susan, also works with children on behalf of the Diocese.  Everyone is welcome for these sessions - young, old and anything in between, and new children are also very welcome.  

Contact Sarah Marsh 01254 240019 or Liz Rawson 01254 247815 for more information or have a look at the website - all the information about Sunday School is on there ( 



January 2012

At the end of a busy term, Sunday School children enjoyed the party (the day after the Christmas Fair!).  Each group (pre-school/reception, infants and juniors) has been involved in lots of different activities during September, October and November.  In addition to the preparations for the Vicar's leaving gift, which took place at Sunday School, we were also pleased to be part of the celebrations during the Vicar's last service.  Our numbers are currently 54 and our aim is always to be looking to introduce more children into Sunday School.  Our regular annual event, "Bring a Friend" took place at the end of November and was very successful with lots of children bringing their friends.  Some of the friends are now members of Sunday School as a result.  


We shall be pleased to welcome Liz Hindle back in the New Year.  She will be returning to lead the pre-school and reception group.  Debbie Jessop and Liz Seed continue with the juniors and infants respectively.  Much work goes on behind the scenes to make sure Sunday School is fun, in-touch and accessible.  If you have a child or know someone between the ages of 3 and 11 who you think would like to attend, feel free to ring Sarah Marsh 01254 240019 or Liz Rawson 01254 247815 for more information or have a look at the website - all the information about Sunday School is on there (  We are back in the New Year on Sunday 15 January 2012.


Liz Rawson